Mid-Summer Magic Collection - One Wear Freedom

Mid-Summer Magic Collection

A couple weeks ago we dropped our brand new collection, Mid-Summer Magic. Rather than just doing a lookbook with all the, might I add, gorgeous pieces in the new collection, I wanted to show you some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots and talk about what went into making this collection a reality!
05 August, 2022
Spotlight on Zarif - One Wear Freedom

Spotlight on Zarif

Much of the One Wear Freedom collection comes from the generous donations of family and friends, including vintage, pre-loved, special occasion garments that have served their purpose for the original owner but have a lot more life in them. When we do add something new to our collections, we work closely with the artisans to ensure the pieces have been ethically sourced, with sustainability in mind throughout the production process.

05 April, 2021
Delightful Tack October Fashion Market - One Wear Freedom

Delightful Tack October Fashion Market

We all love an independent market don’t we? Seeing small-business owners making their dreams happen, talking to them about their journeys and discovering new products is all part of the joy. The pandemic may have stopped us from physical markets but that doesn’t mean we should miss out!
19 October, 2020
Clothing Rental Myth Buster - One Wear Freedom

Clothing Rental Myth Buster

As Selfridges + Hurr Collective have recently launched their Project Earth rental collab it seems Twitter + Instagram are all up in arms with so many people focused on “clout/lifestyle/drip chasing” or supposed “lack of hygiene” that it seems all the incredible benefits of renting + becoming more sustainable have been completely missed out!!
24 August, 2020