At the heart of One Wear Freedom is the desire to R E S T O R E  Mother Nature + her importance in our day-to-day lives. We pledge that all products, processes + features will either cut CO2 emissions or benefit the environment + our planet in some way through a complete circular fashion economy.

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Circular Fashion Economy

First coined in 2014 by Anna Brismar, ‘Circular Fashion’ can be defined as: “clothes, shoes + accessories that are designed, sourced, produced + provided with the intention to be used + circulate responsibly + effectively in society for as long as possible in their most valuable form + hereafter return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use.”

Having a Circular Fashion Economy is one of the most important aspects of One Wear Freedom - putting sustainability at the very core of all business systems + practices.


O W F 'S    C I R C U L A R    F A S H I O N    E C O N O M Y


Diagram demonstrating One Wear Freedom Circular Fashion Economy and lifecycle of rented garments


O W F  +  Z E R O   W A S T E

        • Reusable Boxes - made from reinforced recycled card + can be used up to 30 times with biodegradable labels + fastenings
        • Tissue Paper - found inside the OWF boxes + is made from recycled materials. Tissue paper can be repurposed for other packaging/wrapping or send back to be re-used by OWF
        • Security Tags - biodegradable paper tags made of post-consumer materials + embedded with stunning Wildflower Seeds
        • New Designs + Off-Cuts - use of off-cuts to make accessories/patches + new collections are consciously designed using innovative + traditional methods to maximise use + lifespan
        • Clothing End of OWF Use - if not sold but no longer of use, clothes will be recycled or striped to remanufacture the fabric or up-cycled into a new design
        • Carbon Neutral Web Hosting - while Shopify doesn't run on renewable energy sources yet, they do purchase renewable energy credits to offset their carbon footprint + invest $5million every year in a Sustainability Fund with the goal to reverse climate change globally.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives - Taking a Closer Look


O U R   P A R T N E R S:

      • Our eco-partner, Oxwash, is "determined to be the first truly sustainable, net-zero impact washing company in the world." They're an on-demand laundry service and, like us, they use a circular economy model to significantly reduce the use of water, chemicals and energy needed, including using e-cargo bikes as their delivery service. All disinfectants used are environmentally friendly, delivering a powerful clean without the environmental cost. Oxwash also use microfibre filtration, capturing up to 95% of the plastic fibres released by clothes during the wash cycle.


Y O U R  I M P A C T 

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      • Coffee Paper cards in packaging are made from 100% recycled material, with 25% minimum waste collected from coffee plantations in El Savador and Costa Rica, and is Process Chlorine Free (PCF) - which means that no additional chlorine-based bleaches are used in the recycling process. They also give extra income to commodity farmers in the global South, and reduces river pollution from dumped agro-industrial waste fibres (which amounts annually to 230,000 tonnes in Costa Rica alone). The fibre is shipped to the UK as packing material for bananas so it is also a transport by-product.
      • Absolutely all suppliers, stationery + packaging equipment is produced from recycled materials + can be recycled/reused including the use of renewable energy, delivery boxes, stickers + other packaging materials, invoice receipts + even printing ink!
      • Full List here.


S O U R C E   O F   C L O T H E S:

      • The system of renting clothes is a sustainable initiative in itself + vastly extends the garments usage and life-span as clothes are worn over + over again, repaired +/ upcycled + used again - until their actual end of life
      • Clothes are from a selection of sources - personal collections and donations of pre-loved, vintage or handmade unique items.
      • Some collections also come from working with Traditional Artisans over the past 22 years in Afghanistan, Georgia, Papua New Guinea, India, South Africa and Fiji. Try searching one of these countries in the Search Bar (top left corner) to find their creations!
      • In the future, we hope to collaborate with some incredible + innovative sustainable brands, collect deadstock +/ used returns meant for landfill!
      • See full description here.


A U T H E N T I C I T Y     P L E D G E

We believe all women (+ people) should love + embrace who they are - in the skin + body they are in. And that is why we pledge to Authenticity - ensuring that what we present to the world is true, genuine + real. Women Unedited.

      • We like our women like we like our clothes - an eclectic fusion from around the world. That means we believe in: All Women, All Sizes, All Shapes, All Shades, All Ages, All Beliefs + All Perfect Imperfections! 
      • We also believe there should be No Alterations, No Touch-Ups, No Misrepresentation of Models or Clothes in any imagery or promo - there is nothing wrong with scars, pimples, rolls, cellulite etc etc. They all make us HUMAN. They make us uniquely beautiful + they make us who we are! 
      • As of Dec 2020, all images have been taken on a iPhone 10 + iPhone 11 Pro.

As the UK's 1st 100% eco-friendly clothing hire service, One Wear Freedom aims to be completely transparent + ethical in all facets.

For further information, enquiries, suggestions, or if you'd like to get involved - please

C O N T A C T   U S .

If you're unsure still unsure what this all means, check out our glossary for a more in-depth explanation of the language used here.