Summer Lookbook - One Wear Freedom

Summer Lookbook

Summer is the season of picnics, barbeques and outdoor plans (weather permitting, of course!). Today also happens to be the start of National Picnic Month, so the timing for a lookbook couldn’t be better! Keep reading for all your summer outfit inspo…
01 July, 2022
Advent Lookbook - One Wear Freedom

Advent Lookbook

To celebrate the beginning of Advent, we have put together a little advent calendar style Lookbook. Come back every Monday for that week's looks!
20 December, 2021
Spotlight on AKINSANYA - One Wear Freedom

Spotlight on AKINSANYA

At One Wear Freedom, we are dedicated to championing the work of traditional artisans who are either reviving or preserving traditional ways of working, that have been passed down from generation to generation. Such ways often guarantee that items are unique and individually handmade which is a far more sustainable way of creating as opposed to the current process of Fast Fashion which produces grossly excessive amounts of clothes for buyers that might not even exist. This results in huge amounts of waste that either contribute to landfill or incineration.

21 June, 2021
Summer Collection Launch - One Wear Freedom

Summer Collection Launch

The weather seems to disagree but Summer is coming and we’ve got you covered with our brand new Summer CollectionThere’s a whole new range of outfits for all occasions from the generous, barely-worn donations of family, friends and readers like yourself who realised these gems were being neglected at the back of their own wardrobes and deserve to be worn! 

17 May, 2021
Power Dressing In 2020 - One Wear Freedom

Power Dressing In 2020

When we think of the term power dressing, our first thoughts are probably of women wearing giant shoulder pads, and masculine style suit jackets. The term Power Dressing was coined in the late 1970s/1980's.  It was first used in The Post Standard, a New York City newspaper, in 1979.  It was said to be a style mainly adopted by women and one which was created to give a female’s an air of ability, confidence and capability.
25 November, 2020