As Selfridges + Hurr Collective have recently launched their Project Earth rental collab it seems Twitter + Instagram are all up in arms with so many people focused on “clout/lifestyle/drip chasing” or supposed “lack of hygiene” that it seems all the incredible benefits of renting + becoming more sustainable have been completely missed out!!

So naturally, I thought it best to create a Clothing Rental Myth Buster to clarify all the wonders + benefits of renting + the circular fashion economy in general and dispel all those silly misconceptions flouting about!

Rental Myth: Not covid friendly - Renting clothes is JUST as safe as buying/ordering clothes online. All clothes are Dry Cleaned after every use + Specially Prepped before every new rental. You CANNOT rent intimates. RENTING = YOU’RE BROKE - Not necessarily - while it definitely is cheaper to rent - can you really justify paying full price for an outfit every time you go out, that you only wear once/twice coz you don’t wanna be seen in it again? Used returns cost the economy and environment HEAVY. RENTING IS JUST A WAY TO KEEP UP WITH “LIFESTYLE”, GET “CLOUT”/ “DRIP” ETC. That may be true for some, but there is so much more to it...

Rental Benefits: NEW SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE TO SHOPPING - especially in today’s culture where the hype is real, fashion is constantly moving + everyone’s trying to have the best ‘drip’. By renting, you can do all that, experiment with new styles + constantly keep it fresh without worrying about how to store it all.  RENTING IS GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - The clothing industry is the 2nd worst polluter after the oil industry and before the meat industry. For ex. it takes between 10,000-20,000 litres of water to produce just 2 pairs of jeans (1kg of cotton). This is the same amount 1 person drinks in 10 years. If everyone reused just ONE garment, we could save over 2.5 billion kilos of carbon emissions -  that’s the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road for a year (Source: ThredUp).  RENTING IS ALSO A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to try out + support upcoming, innovative, sustainable brands OR rare, vintage, one-of-a-kind gems unseen on the high street or anywhere else – not just luxury designer.

Renting is truly the Future of Fashion so feel free to share this post to all your friends + family and let’s get everyone joining the #RentalRevolution!

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