Our collections come from a range of sources, including one-of-a-kind pieces and vintage gems - but we rely on donations too. That's where you come in!

If you're anything like us, you have a few pieces lurking in depths of your wardrobe just begging to be given a new lease of life.

Why should you donate to us?

We understand the reluctance of giving up on those pieces that you "might need some day" - so that's why any items that you donate, you can rent back free of charge forever - so no chance of getting donators regret!

That's not all, for donating you get other fabulous rewards too:

- Up to 5 items/outfits = 1000 Freedom Points, worth £20, and 10% OFF for 6 Months

- Up to 10 items = 2000 Freedom Points, worth £40 and 15% OFF for 6 Months

- Up to 20 items = 5000 Freedom Points, worth £100 and 20% OFF for 6 Months


If your pieces have been worn less than 5 times, have minimal damage (anything that could be fixed by a tailor) and have a retail value of more than £25 per item - then send them our way!