Who Are We?

We’re ONE WEAR FREEDOM, the UK’s first 100% eco-friendly FASHION RENTAL service for women + NB babes, based in London! We operate through a circular economy model, meaning that we try to ELIMINATE WASTE by reusing, repairing, repurposing + eventually recycling, in our whole supply chain - so you can look + feel amazing without the guilt! We want to EMPOWER people to experiment with their styles + to find their own uniqueness, with the determination to RESTORE Mother Nature being at the core of everything we do! Across our blog and Instagram we aim to be a source of education, inspiration + motivation to help people implement authenticity, sustainability and happiness in all areas of their life.

From the Founder

Our Story

“In 2019, after months of feeling lost + burnt out, I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery. I finally managed to figure out what my passions were: fashion, clothes + a deep desire to try + save our planet. As someone who always loved to dress up for any occasion (even to just go to the shops!), experiment with looks + never be seen in an outfit twice, I was desperate to find an eco-friendly way to do this - a way I could shop + dress up to my heart’s content without causing further harm to our already struggling planet + so One Wear Freedom was born!” - Jordache Horn

Meet the Team

Portrait photograph of founder wearing green jumpsuit sat on rocks in nature posing with knee up
Jordache - the Founder

Jordache is the woman behind all things OWF. Her purpose-driven approach and passion for the environment means that she has considered every-single-thing that can make OWF as eco-friendly as possible!

Her previous experience includes being a consultant + manager at Hip Hop LDN for over 3 years, not to mention being the lead innovator behind Garage Brunch. Before that she completed her post-graduate degree at Exeter in Politics and Conflict Development.

As a self-professed workaholic, Jordache loves to use her little free time to watch documentaries + eat good food. She really misses travelling too and can't wait to escape the UK for warmer weather ASAP!

Portrait photograph of Debs wearing black sparkly matching co-ord playing groovy chick twister
Debs - Marketing Officer

Debs is the Marketing Officer here at OWF. Whether it's creating social media content or designing posters or tote bags, she likes to have a go at everything, even starting out writing the blog back in 2020!

She is all about sustainable fashion + it inspired many projects during her Fashion Communication + Promotion Degree. One of the things she loves about working at OWF is being able to empower other women to feel amazing, all while doing good for the environment!

When she's not playing Groovy Chick Twister, Debs likes to draw, crochet + sew from her bedroom in Scotland, having moved there during the pandemic.

Portrait photograph of woman wearing sunglasses looking in camera whilst holding phone
Mollie - PR + Communications

Mollie is involved with lots of different projects at OWF, mainly to do with PR, but she also helped re-design the very website you're on now!

She is passionate about people, animals + the planet, as to be expected from someone who just finished their Anthropology degree. She is also fluent in German, having lived there during her childhood.

Mollie can usually be found starting a new hobby (+ ignoring all the half-finished projects in the corner), including sewing, knitting + even making her own sofa.

Portrait photograph of lizzie wearing rented stripy black white and red jumpsuit posing with one hand in hair
Lizzie - Content Creator

Our newest member, Lizzie, is our very own Queen of the Instagram Reel. You can find her on your Instagram feed and TikTok FYP strutting her stuff in our gorgeous garments.

She cares a lot about mental and physical well-being so enjoys being part of a company with such a holistic approach. But her favourite part about working at OWF is what it has done for her social anxiety - being in front of the camera has turned her from a cautious caterpillar to a social butterfly!

Lizzie's free time is usually spent watching Star Wars or FaceTiming her long-distance besties.