Getting started + general

There are a few ways to create a One Wear Freedom account:

 - Click on the 'Account' icon on the top right-hand corner of the page next to the shopping bag icon + follow the instructions


- Click on 'The Rewards' tab under 'How It Works' in the main Navigation bar and follow the instructions


 - Click on the 'Freedom Rewards Journey' icon on the bottom right-hand side of the page + follow the instructions. This will also sign you up to the Freedom Journey Rewards system!


 - Sign up for an account during Checkout

YES - it is not required to create an account with One Wear Freedom. However, if you'd like to take full advantage of all our features + rewards (especially for unworn rentals), then we'd highly recommend creating an account with us! 

The Freedom Journey Rewards Programme is an exciting points feature that rewards you fabulous Freedom Queens for various activities along your Freedom Journey:

 - Earn 50 Points when you Sign Up

 - Earn 50 Points on your Birthday

 - Earn 1 Point for every £1 you spend

 - Earn 15 Points to Share us across each of your socials such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter



+ For every 50 points you earn, you'll get £1 off your next rental!!

Say whaaaa...

See full description here

Simply click on 'Forgot Password' on the Log In/Account Page, enter the email addressed used to initially sign up + wait for the Reset Password email from One Wear Freedom with instructions to create a new password! 

The number that has been struck out represents the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) or simply - what you would have paid if you bought it in store originally!

The prices you then see are our special Rental discounts!

Not yet - but they will be coming very very soon!


Your order

Please check out 'How It Works' for full details on how to find clothes, make a booking and rent all your fashion desires! 

You can only rent up to 4 different items/outfits per rental order.

YES - If you're unsure of what to wear to a particular event and would like to order outfit options - you can order up to 4 different items/outfits at one go, to try on and make a final fashion decision.

Only once you have decided which option to wear out, do you then REMOVE the security tags from the chosen outfit.

Be sure to keep all security tags in place until you make that final decision in order to redeem your UNUSED RENTAL RETURNS POINTS to go towards your next fashion rental need! 

There are 3 rental options: 

 - 4 Days - ideal for weekend events

 - 9 Days - ideal for the super busy or short trips

 - 16 Days - ideal for holidays or trips away!

If you'd like to extend your rental period either before ordering or during your rental - please contact us immediately + we'll see what we can do!*

*subject to booking availability

Depending on outfit availability (check outfit calendar) - you are able to schedule your Delivery Date from 24 hours after you've placed an order TO 2 years into the future! 

We got you covered ladies! 

If you'd like your Rentals to arrive for the upcoming weekend:

To receive by Friday 6pm - order by Wednesday 4pm

To receive by Saturday 6pm - order by Thursday 4pm

But please bear in mind, we recommend selecting a Delivery Date at least 1 Day before the event!

YES you can CHANGE your Delivery Date up to 1 week before it is scheduled + only up to 3 times. 

They are bright yellow paper bands attached to the outfits you have rented. They are completely biodegradable + are filled with Wildflower Seeds you can plant to add extra sparkle to your day, provide refuge + help save our endangered bees from mass extinction! 

These tags should ONLY be removed once you have decided which outfit to wear.

Once tags are removed, this means you have chosen to wear that particular garment + you will not be eligible for any refunds/Points upon their return.

Unfortunately, all items are for RENT only at this time. 

If you are desperately in love and would like us to consider selling to you - just drop us an email hello@onewearfreedom.com

In the future, we hope to hold seasonal Clothes Swaps where Freedom Queens will be able to keep their favourite finds! 

Get This Look is a monthly selection of the top 5 outfits One Wear Freedom has to offer where all you Freedom Queens have the opportunity to rent the ENTIRE LOOK including all the incredible accessories as modelled by our fabulous Freedom Empresses! 

Want us to bring this back? Let us know! Email hello@onewearfreedom.com

Dispatch + Delivery

We deliver to anywhere across the United Kingdom and have special Local delivery rates within London starting from £3 Next Day Delivery!

Our Standard form of shipping is Next Day Delivery at £6 per order which covers the round trip - delivered to your door and back to us! Or £3 if you live in London!

Next Day Delivery Services will be used for all orders regardless of how far in advance orders have been placed. All rentals will be packaged in reusable + recycled boxes allowing you to return your rentals with zero fuss!

This means you can select a 1 hour time slot that suits you best and fully track your parcel once it has been marked as Dispatched! 

NO - The billing and delivery addresses do not need to be the same - but they do need to be ACCURATE!

If you become aware of any mistakes after placing an order, please contact us IMMEDIATELY!

If you have placed an order and it does not arrive on your specified Delivery Date, please try tracking your parcel first via Delivery Information emailed to you and contact them directly. 

If you cannot get through to your courier or your Order arrives later than expected, please contact us immediately and we'll do our best to fully resolve the issue and extend your rental where necessary!

Returning my rental + cancellations

Simply put all items back in the One Wear Freedom Box, replace the Delivery label with the new Returns label in the clear pouch on the outside of the Box if it's in the box - if not, you can either print this yourself or download the QR code emailed to you and show this to the cashier when dropping off your OWF Box.

You'll then need to secure the Box with the provided security sticker, head down to your local Drop-Off Point/Post Office before 5pm on your pre-selected Returns Date + hand it over.

No fuss + no extra cost!

See full instructions here

If your Return Date falls on the weekend and your local Drop-Off/Post Office is closed - you can simply return your One Wear Freedom Box on the Monday instead. Please contact us in this instance so we can waive any late fees that may have incurred! 

If you can not get to a Drop-Off Point before 5pm on your scheduled Return Date, please contact us + let us know as soon as you become aware of this issue + when you expect the new return date to be.

You will be charged at 50% of the daily rental rate for every late date of return.

If nothing has been returned 2 weeks after the scheduled Return Date and we do not hear from you, the garment/outfits will be classed as STOLEN + you will be charged 200% of the full RPP + will be blacklisted from using any of our Services in the future in accordance with our Terms + Conditions.

YES - You are able to cancel an order but only up to 2 weeks before the Delivery Date. 

You can also CHANGE your Delivery Date up to 1 week before it is scheduled + only up to 3 times.

Any unworn rental items with their security tags still in place upon return to HQ, will be eligible for a full refund of up to 2500 Points (£50) per unused returned rental.

We'll email you to confirm your new Points as soon as your returned garm(s) have gone through our quality checks here at HQ . The Points will be ready to go for your next fashion need whenever that may be - keeping the Fashion Rental Revolution ALIVE + kicking!

Dry cleaners, damage + repairs

Under NO circumstances whatsoever should you clean the garments yourselves!

Many items are incredibly delicate + require specialist care from our Dry Clean + Repairs partners: 1StopWash who are the UK's first independent + eco-friendly laundry service! 

We take care of all the fuss so you just have to worry about looking and feeling AMAZING!

Clothes are cleaned by the incredible team at 1StopWash

They use an eco-friendly process called wet cleaning, which uses biodegradable, health-friendly, non-toxic detergents instead of the potentially carcinogenic PERC widely used by traditional dry cleaners.

The gentler process results in a brighter, fresher + softer clean!

Please do not make any alterations or permanent fixtures.

You are welcome to safety-pin or tack/baste an item for better fit - but please remove these before returning to us + ensure there is no residual damage.

Regular wear and tear inc small spillages, snags, or a lost button etc is expected.

If you suspect a bit more damage (for the clumsy or highly inebriated) you can purchase the Accidental Damage Waiver before Checkout to cover you for any other damages while on your Freedom Journey!

More irregular wear and tear inc mid-large spillages, snags, ripped hem, multiple lost buttons, broken zip etc can be expected for those lavish events and you can purchase the Accidental Damage Waiver before Checkout to cover you for any of these damages while on your Freedom Journey!

And if there is no damage, the Waiver will be refunded back to you! Simples ;)

Add it to your Cart now

If there is massive damage that cannot be repaired and the garment is ruined as deemed by us + our partners AND/OR if you have lost an item and nothing has been returned 2 weeks after the scheduled Return Date, the garment/outfits will be classed as DESTROYED/LOST/STOLEN + you will be charged 200% of the full RPP.

If we have not heard from you throughout this process and anything has been deemed STOLEN, you will be blacklisted from using any of our Services in the future in accordance with our Terms + Conditions.

When we receive all returned goods, they go through a quality + damage check. If there is no damage out of the ordinary, then you'll be refunded the full 500 Points (£10) automatically!

Points can be redeemed + used at any time.

Please contact us if there are ay issues.

For any other questions or enquiries not covered here, please do get in touch + C O N T A C T   U S !

join the rental revolution today - your one wear freedom journey awaits!