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      AKINSANYA is about making their customers feel bold, fabulous + most importantly themselves by being comfortable in their own skin! The brand is heavily inspired by Jodie's African heritage where all fabrics are bought in Nigeria + surrounding African countries - supporting the business/market men + women + also giving back to her native country! All fabrics are uniquely chosen by Jodie, the Creative director, meaning you rarely see them anywhere else. When going to a wedding in Nigeria, usually you would take your chosen fabric to a seamstress for them to create your outfit - Jodie wanted to replicate this service online, allowing people to choose fabrics from their wide range, so they have a garment that they absolutely love and is totally bespoke to them!

      What you see here are Akinsanya Sample pieces that were created to showcase the Collection her customers replicated - this way Akinsanya ensures that nothing goes to landfill + we fill in the gap to fulfil their Circular Fashion Economy!  Everything is sewn by Jodie in her home studio :o

      8 products

      8 products