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Written by Katie Elizabeth Robinson

The weather seems to disagree but Summer is coming and we’ve got you covered with our brand new Summer Collection!

There’s a whole new range of outfits for all occasions from the generous, barely-worn donations of family, friends and readers like yourself who realised these gems were being neglected at the back of their own wardrobes and deserve to be worn! 

If you’ve been keeping an eye over on Instagram you’ll know we’ve got something else very exciting to announce, so enough teasing. Our very own founder, Jordache Horn has designed a tailormade, one-of-a-kind Fiji collection! Her adoration for fashion and dedication to restoring Mother Nature led her to seek out and work with artisans from across the world. These relationships ensure when we add new pieces to our collections they are ethically sourced, with sustainability in mind throughout the production process.

Ethically sourced means garment workers are paid and treated fairly and whilst we might give names to some of our favourite gems in our wardrobe (no? Just me, okay), it’s not often we can name who made them. If you rent anything from the Fiji Collection you’ll be able to though. Sitara, Jonna and Rajesh have used their combined 75 years of experience with sewing to transform Jordache’s designs into exquisite, summer-incarnate pieces that will have everyone begging to know where you got them from.

‘Oh this, Sitara made it for me.’

You. Summer 2021.

In her inspiration behind the collection, Jordache wanted to help us rise from the pandemic like the glorious birds of paradise that we are, adorning us in vibrant fabrics that can bring joy to our everyday lives. When we feel fabulous in our clothes, we look it too, so Jordache wanted to ensure that the pieces were inclusive with versatile sizing through adjustable features such as ties and buttons to let you style them whichever way suits you best. 

You’d be here all day reading this blog if we showcased each piece so we’ve picked out just a few to highlight the diversity of our Summer Collection...

Two photos of model in the Chestnut Veikau Oversized Shirt n Shorts Co-ord

This Chestnut Veikau Oversized Shirt n Shorts Co-ord was designed by Jordache and handmade by Jonna and we’re struggling to think of an occasion that this outfit wouldn’t be perfect for. The park, yep. Pub, of course. Lounging at home - whilst it would be a shame for the world not to see you in this - definitely! The elastic waistband sure does make it comfy. 

Oversized shirts are never not in fashion too. Whilst they can sometimes be a tricky piece to style, this one boasts volume and length which makes it an easy one to pair with a multitude of other garments. If you rent this outfit for a few days, you can start with the shorts, move on to a bodycon dress or tuck under some baggy dungarees and finish by rocking it as a shirt dress. Perfect for Summer.

Three images of model in Multi-Wrap Maxi Dress

The full wonder of this Multi-Wrap Maxi Dress from Rajesh is yet to be experienced by our wonderful renters so if you do hire this one, we’d love to see how you’ve styled it. Just drop us a tag on Instagram!

A sculptured silhouette can be created in many ways with this versatile piece, further accentuated by the vertical columns of bold green, red and yellow. Use the shoulder straps to tie a Grecian gown and arrive at the party like Athena or let them flow across your shoulders and down your back for a more Queen-at-her-Coronation vibe.

We recommend styling this with as much delicate gold jewellery as you wish to compliment the glamour of the dress at your first wedding of the season, a garden party or even cocktail hour. We all deserve to dress up whenever we please after a year of wearing pyjamas.

There’s so much more to see in the Fiji Collection so check it out, but come back, we’ve got more to show you 👇

Two images of model in Baby Peony Lace Cut-Out Gown

Whilst this Baby Peony Lace Cut-Out Gown is a little more muted than the Fiji Multi-Wrap, it still manifests the same glamour making it the perfect dress for a Summer wedding or an evening of fine-dining.

An intricate bodice adorned with lace draws focus to the waist before falling in free-flow with a soft drapery that pools at your feet. You could dance the night away in flats in this dress and no one would know!

The simplicity of the soft pink lends itself to any additions you want to make. We kept it minimal and opted for matching chiffon gloves for the decadence of it and introduced complimentary colours through hair accessories from the incredible independent, ethical fashion brand Akinsanya. Should you be relying on the British weather, this dress will look even sweeter under an oversized coat.

Two images of model in Black, White n Red All Over playsuit

We’re thinking garden parties, strawberries and cream at Wimbledon and nights out in this Black, White and Red All Over playsuit.

If you’re new to renting and nervous about fit, the elasticated waistband and adjustable straps will help you style and fit it to suit you. Vertical stripes add incredible length to your legs and are perfectly paired with a small heel to lift the trouser off the ground, just enough to really let them sway.

Check out Akinsanya if you’ve fallen in love with the hat too. Jodie Akinsanya was inspired to make bespoke pieces and accessories by her Nigerian/Zimbabwean heritage that revolves around tailored-made pieces. Not only do you have direct influence on crafting your own style but when things are made specifically for you, they fit impeccably and are much more likely to last longer than any Fast Fashion garment.

Two images of model in Snowdrop Polka Dot Culottes and striped black and white shirt

Last but never least, we wanted to show off the full range of our new Summer Collection and reassure you we really do have you covered from the most elegant of parties all the way to the office. If the thought of returning to the office has given you the sweats, never fear, these Snowdrop Polka Dot Culottes from Zara will still be cute wherever you choose to take them.

Pair with a complimentary shirt and incorporate colour with your accessories like we’ve done with more stunning headbands by Akinsanya or go bold with a bright shirt and tuck into the culottes to show off their elegant and simple tailoring. 

Time to go check out the rest! Book your rentals in and don't forget you can have it all with one of our Monthly Memberships. If this got you thinking about some of the gems in your own wardrobe that deserve to be in OWF’s next collection, you can donate them here and give them a new life in the Rental Revolution!

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