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Opening Up About Your Mental Health Struggles - How to Talk to Friends & Family

It can be hard to know how to open up to your friends and family about your mental health struggles. You might feel like you're burdening them, or that they won't understand.

But talking openly and honestly about your mental health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It can help you feel more connected to the people around you, and it can also help them better understand and support you.

If you're not sure how to start the conversation, we've got some tips for you. Keep reading for advice on how to talk to your friends and family about your mental health struggles.

02 February, 2023
Let's Talk About Stress, Baby - One Wear Freedom

Let's Talk About Stress, Baby

April is the month of stress. Well, technically, it is National Stress Awareness Month, a theme that has been held every April since 1992 to raise awareness of the causes and cures of stress.
11 April, 2022
Positive News for Mental Health Awareness Week - One Wear Freedom

Positive News for Mental Health Awareness Week

Since 2000 The Mental Health Foundation has been raising awareness and fostering a space for us to openly talk about our mental health, providing resources and advice to help us look after it. The campaign focuses on a different theme each year, and in 2021, we’re looking to Nature for a better connection with our psychological and emotional health. 

10 May, 2021
Lockdown Loves... - One Wear Freedom

Lockdown Loves...

So here we are again, in the midst of another full National Lockdown as we head out of 2020 and into 2021. With restrictions expected to last until at least the middle of Febuary, for most of us this will mean much more time away from those we usually connect with and spending more time indoors.  While lockdown was previously carried out throughout spring, this time it will be during winter.  It seems important then, that we try to find some positives to help us through those dark evenings.  

11 January, 2021
New Year, New Mindset - One Wear Freedom

New Year, New Mindset

Despite difficult circumstances we hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year (or as fabulous as it could be!) With a new year brings reflection on the last and the making of resolutions (that usually last for about 3 weeks, let’s be honest) but this new year isn’t like any other. We’re starting 2021 with all the things we learned from 2020 and we’ve had time (a lot of it) to rearrange our priorities and realise what we want out of life.
08 January, 2021
Coping With A Covid Christmas - One Wear Freedom

Coping With A Covid Christmas

Christmas can be a hard time for some people anyway, without being in the midst of a pandemic. This year has definitely not been normal and it looks like Christmas will follow suit as the government has announced that up to 3 households are allowed to meet between the 23rd and 27th of December. For some, the pandemic won’t change their festive plans and that’s great! However, for others, who can’t be with their whole family, or others who may be by themselves to protect vulnerable family members, Christmas may be a very strange and disheartening time. We’ve come up with some things to think about and do, to try beat these blues!

18 December, 2020
Why Mindfulness Matters So Much During Covid - One Wear Freedom

Why Mindfulness Matters So Much During Covid

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, for many of us, over the past eight months, our lives have changed drastically.  Whether that be through working from home, socialising less, or not being able to visit loved ones. Our lives are just not same.  Even if we choose to go to shops and restaurants in the quest to find some kind of a norm, everything we do has an added anxiety looming over us.  It’s difficult to really feel ‘carefree’ anymore. 
09 November, 2020
All Dressed Up With No Place To Go - One Wear Freedom

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

As we go into our second lockdown, it may be easy to feel downhearted, especially in the lead up to Christmas. There’s no doubt that this next month onwards will be tough but we are too! We’ve coped with it once and we will do it again. This time, we all have the knowledge and experience that we didn’t have the first time round. The past year has been a steep learning curve for everyone and by now, we know ourselves a whole lot better.
06 November, 2020
Toxic Workplaces and How To Deal With Them - One Wear Freedom

Toxic Workplaces and How To Deal With Them

Think back to work last week (- if you can - days are just rolling into one lately!) Was it happy? Productive? Rewarding? If so then, amazing – keep on doing what you’re doing! If not, you may want to read on. You might not have realised but last week was National Work Life Week and it seems like the perfect time to reflect on your current occupation. It’s normal to have aspects of your job that you don’t really like but when these are integrated into your company culture, it could be that you’re working in a toxic environment.
22 October, 2020
The "Perfect" Body. - One Wear Freedom

The "Perfect" Body.

The perfect body type. Do you fit the ideal? Maybe for a brief period of time, before societal expectations do a U-turn and change the ideal of beauty once again. Society has defined women's beauty for centuries, depicting what a woman "should" be in order to be attractive or desired. However, how can something so diverse be defined and narrowed down to one mere body type? The simple answer? It can't.
12 October, 2020
Limiting Imagination? STOP! - One Wear Freedom

Limiting Imagination? STOP!

All too often, whenever you think of something incredible, an idea that sparks pure joy + excitement in your heart, + you go to share this thought with others... you are met with phrases like “that’s crazy...”, “you’re insane...”, “are you sure about that...”, “why don’t you...” + in an instant, little pieces of that joy + excitement die + you start to question yourself...
18 June, 2020
Redefining Success - One Wear Freedom

Redefining Success

“Success” to so many people across the world today is defined by someone’s wealth, their accumulation of material things + social status. Unfortunately, the planet just cannot keep up with this ever increasing demand + we have seen incredible demonstrations of our damaging effects through increasing natural disasters + devastation world wide.
18 June, 2020