Different Ideal Body Types: natural body, 1950s body, 1990s body, 2018 body

by Carina Gomes

The perfect body type. Do you fit the ideal? Maybe for a brief period of time, before societal expectations do a U-turn and change the ideal of beauty once again. Society has defined women's beauty for centuries, depicting what a woman "should" be in order to be attractive or desired. However, how can something so diverse be defined and narrowed down to one mere body type? The simple answer? It can't.

When we review the centuries of the "ideal female body" we are met with changes almost every decade or turn of the century. Once upon time, thin waist and narrow shoulders were a sign of beauty and regal elegance. Centuries later, it was those with a "buxom Bossom" who were society's gold and in the final decade of the 20th century it was the likes of Kate Moss that was the aspirations for millions of girls. Therefore, how can one person ever fulfil the idealism of female perfection, if said perfection is changed as frequently as we change our lightbulbs. It is simply impossible; and moreover it is an absurd requirement that no single individual could live up to (unless you have a plastic surgeon on hand to add and subtract at will).

That is why, as women, as human beings, we should embrace our bodies. The good, the bad and the downright weird. Because our differences are what make us unique; what make us beautiful. As women, we need to love ourselves and other women; rejecting the ridiculousness of society's expectations and owning our confidence. We are beautiful. We are strong. We are invisible.

So. F*** societal expectations. F*** perfection. F*** the "ideal woman". We are incredible. We are worthy. We are the future.

One Wear Freedom | Authenticity Pledge part 2 | Body Positivity | No editing

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