Throwaway Culture to Circular Economies: Sustainability, Fashion and the Future - One Wear Freedom

Throwaway Culture to Circular Economies: Sustainability, Fashion and the Future

Within the sustainability sphere, the phrase ‘circular economy’ is becoming a bit of a buzzword. Here at One Wear Freedom (OWF), the UK’s first 100% sustainable clothing rental service, we’re all about circular! As it is so fundamental to our ethos, I want to talk about what a circular economy actually refers to and how we have implemented this, what benefits the model has for the environment and how you can do your bit at home. 
30 September, 2021
Intro to Petro-masculinity - One Wear Freedom

Intro to Petro-masculinity

Imagine a world in which men are becoming extinct. That’s the world the 2015 mockumentary No Men Beyond This Point has created and whilst it is very funny, it also gets you thinking. It’s not the only piece of fiction that has proposed a world in which the historical roles of men and women have been reversed. In Naomi Alderman’s The Power*, women evolve the ability to manipulate electricity and do unspeakable harm to men. Neither of these parallel universes stretch the imagination all that much either as the sentiments are eerily familiar.
14 June, 2021
One Ocean, One Planet - One Wear Freedom

One Ocean, One Planet

If you still haven’t got round to watching Seaspiracy yet, you’ll likely have at least heard of the outcry it sparked. If not, you’re in for a treat today as we ponder why the Netflix documentary caused such outrage ahead of World Ocean Day tomorrow.
07 June, 2021
World Environment Day - One Wear Freedom

World Environment Day

It was only a month ago that we were harping on about World Earth Day and now it’s World Environment Day so which came first, the earth or the environment? Well, we wouldn’t be here without either so let’s not chicken and egg this situation. The first World Earth Day was in 1970 just beating the UN’s World Environment Day to the punch which was launched in 1972, with the first global celebration taking place in 1974. It was a good decade for environmentalism but why do we celebrate these types of international days in the first place? 

31 May, 2021
The Future Must be Green - One Wear Freedom

The Future Must be Green

The ‘new normal’ is a term that has been thrown around a lot over the past year. It’s understandable that we would seek out a level of normality after a year of such tumult, change and challenge but we should be careful about what we wish for.
24 May, 2021
Re-learning to Share - One Wear Freedom

Re-learning to Share

As a kid, sharing was how we engaged with the world: share the TV with your sister; share your sweets with your friends; share a textbook with the person sitting next to you. As we grow, we develop our own sense of ownership over the things around us and our own lives. Unfortunately, our current capitalist society has taught us to prioritise competitive individualism and to find our value in the money we earn and the assets and commodities we gain with it.
03 May, 2021
Every Day is Earth Day - One Wear Freedom

Every Day is Earth Day

There is no way to detach ourselves from the earth - unless Elon Musk actually works out how to live on Mars in his quest to make humanity multiplanetary - thus we know that every day is earth day but through large-scale, collective celebrations organised around Earth Day we can get everyone else up to speed.

Earth Day is our chance to shout louder than we’ve done before (whilst continuing to bore the tits off our family and friends every other day). Starting tomorrow, we can all take part in 3 Days of Climate Action.

19 April, 2021
Valuing Water + How the Fashion Industry Doesn’t - One Wear Freedom

Valuing Water + How the Fashion Industry Doesn’t

Why, you may ask, is there an international awareness day entirely for water? In our everyday access to it we perhaps forget to value it for the beautiful and vital resource that it is. For those of us with this unimpeded access, we only tend to realise it’s essential worth when a local pipe bursts or our housemate starts washing their dishes when we’re in the shower. It’s also tricky to contemplate water shortages when we live on a blue planet.
22 March, 2021