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Written by Katie Elizabeth Robinson

With illustrations by Deborah Anderson

As a kid, sharing was how we engaged with the world: share the TV with your sister; share your sweets with your friends; share a textbook with the person sitting next to you. As we grow, we develop our own sense of ownership over the things around us and our own lives. Unfortunately, our current capitalist society has taught us to prioritise competitive individualism and to find our value in the money we earn and the assets and commodities we gain with it.

‘Consumerism stifles feeling, inducing a state of glazed compliance, dulling our concern both for the living planet it assaults and for other people.’

                                                                             George Monbiot, 2017*

This is not to vilify consumerism but to acknowledge the hypnotic marketing and branding that convinces us we will only be happy once we’ve bought that new thing. Our economies strive for exponential growth propped up by relentless consumerism, on a planet of finite resources. The only benefits from this are financial for a very small percentage of the world’s population: it does not benefit us as consumers, the people who physically make our products or the environment that we tear the raw materials out of and pump pollutants into in the manufacturing process.

The Sharing Economy has begun to challenge this single-minded focus on ownership and shift it towards an appreciation for access to a wide range of shared resources. This is the relatively recent development of an economic system based on shared assets and services which has flourished with the growth of digital platforms such as Uber and Airbnb. Whilst both of these have flooded their respective markets and had damaging effects on independent businesses, particularly Airbnb which has significantly impacted local rent prices and encouraged gentrification, they have begun to establish sharing as the norm. Even Netflix and Spotify are considered part of this digital Sharing Economy as we no longer go to HMV and buy physical copies, instead accessing a shared resource. 

The current Sharing Economy based on digital resources for mass markets still prioritises profits so we must ensure that as it grows it retains the basic principles of common goods. It has already done so much for supporting trends towards dematerialisation and challenging stigmas surrounding renting, leasing and sharing particularly around how they somehow suggest you can’t afford to buy new. Whilst it certainly saves money, it isn’t indicative of how much spare income you have. Instead, it’s a conscious decision to save the planet’s raw materials as well as our own assets and appreciate our existing resources for the benefit of the many and not the few.

In the Fashion Industry, the world’s second worst polluter, just behind the fossil fuel industry, it is vital that we ‘stem the excessive flow of garment production that is happening in the world right now, by buying less and sharing more’. What better way to re-incorporate sharing into your day-to-day life than with our new Monthly Memberships!

We’ve got three packages for you to choose from with great benefits to each and you can even trial them for the first month for less and pause or cancel your subscription at any time! You’ll also get the first sneak peek at new collections, sales and One Wear Freedom events 48 hours before anyone else. Talk about trendsetting! As if that’s not enough, there’s free eco-friendly dry cleaning on all orders so you don’t even have to worry about a growing pile of laundry.

The Sporadic Styler title image with illustration of model in a One Wear Freedom outfit


First up, The Sporadic Styler. This is the one for those who want to test the waters before diving in head first. Perfect for those easing out of lockdown too with a social event once or twice a month. Imagine rocking up to each one in a completely unique statement outfit that will have all your friends and family desperately wanting to know how you’ve sourced such style and grace over a long winter sheltering at home.

For the first month, for just £29 (£39 thereafter), you can rent two outfits worth up to £240. Whilst you’ll be renting the garments, you’ll more than own the look!

The Trendsetter title image with two illustrations of models in One Wear Freedom outfits

Next up is The Trendsetter which for just £20 more for the first month, will include 4 outfits worth almost £500! Cheeky little bonus, we’re throwing in free delivery once a month.

This is for those who are after a new look every weekend whilst safe in the knowledge that your love for fashion doesn’t have to cause a negative environmental impact. Operating in a complete Circular Fashion Economy, we ensure every step in the renting process is eco-friendly and you will be contributing to considerably extending the life of garments that should never have to see the inside of a bin.

Queen Fashionista title image with three illustrations of models in One Wear Freedom outfits

If you love to restyle your wardrobe with regularity but don’t have the time or energy to do a deep dive on every new brand for their sustainability commitments, One Wear Freedom has you covered with the Queen Fashionista. 

Rent unlimited outfits in batches of 4 to cover you throughout the week for a trial month of £129 (£159 thereafter). We’re throwing in two free deliveries a month as well!

That’s a new outfit for every 👏 single 👏 occasion 👏 and no matter the vibe, we’ve got collections for work to nights out, weddings to plain lounging around on your self care days. Planning your outfits ahead will also save all that time we spend playing the inevitable game of trying on almost everything we own to throw it on the floordrobe, only to wear the first thing we thought of anyway.

No matter which of the plans you most identify with: Sporadic Styler, Trendsetter or Queen Fashionista, each is sure to save you money each month whilst transforming your wardrobe without having to splash out on new outfits or give in to Fast Fashion. If you’re nervous of renting for the first time, check out our previous blog debunking some more rental myths and start your Sharing Economy journey by signing up for one of our memberships and browse the collections this beautiful bank holiday!


*Monbiot, G. 2017. Out of the Wreckage. London & New York: Verso. p65.



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