As part of our Pledge to be as sustainable as possible, we've ensured EVERYTHING you rent is either donated to us + therefore secondhand +/ up-cycled OR they've been ethically sourced when purchased 'new'.

One Wear Freedom - Multiple Outfits - Blue, Yellow and Cream - Where do clothes come from Banner | image 1 Sunshine in Soweto dress one size fits all | image 2 Imperial Moonflower Square Dress w tie | Image 3 Sunshine Dashiki Maxi Skirt w pockets | image 4 Au Natural Linen Maxi Dress w Front Pocket | image 5 up-cycled cobalt paisley trousers


  •  Most stock has been taken from the personal collections of family + friends - clothes that have been worn once or a few times but the owners cannot be seen in again!
  • Donations include vintage + pre-loved garments + outfits from special boutiques + stores from our travels around the world. 

Handmade + Traditional Artisans

  • Some collections also come from working with Traditional Artisans in Afghanistan, Georgia, Papua New Guinea, India, South Africa and Fiji + were designed by my incredible Mother + myself over the past 20+ years!
  • These traditional artisans + tailors use a variety of techniques perfected + passed down over many generations to produce some of the most stunning + completely unique wearables you can find!
  • Where clothes are handmade by artisans + tailors, they are tailor-made, produced individually + therefore with much more care + detail, typically reflected in the retail value price

In the future, we hope to collaborate with some incredible + innovative sustainable brands, and collect deadstock +/ used returns meant for landfill!

Please get in C O N T A C T  if you'd like to partner with us or find out more!