These Jeans Were Made for Talking - One Wear Freedom

These Jeans Were Made for Talking

Tomorrow, Wednesday 28th is Denim Day: an annual campaign running for the past 22 years in honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This may be triggering and upsetting for some, if not most. If you would rather skip this one and wait for next week’s blog on cultures of sharing, please know you are not alone before you go. 

27 April, 2021
OWF's Inspiring Women of March - One Wear Freedom

OWF's Inspiring Women of March

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we Chose to Challenge: challenge gender stereotypes, misogyny, sexism and violence, amongst many other inequalities. It was a chance to champion the achievements of women and it felt like a truly empowering day. It arrived in the heartbreaking wake of the search for Sarah Everard which has sparked a global conversation over the ingrained fear shared by all women as we are taught from a young age to be “prepared” for that which stole Sarah from her family and friends.

29 March, 2021
A Phenomenal Woman – Celebrating The Legacy of Maya Angelou - One Wear Freedom

A Phenomenal Woman – Celebrating The Legacy of Maya Angelou

Born on the 4th April 1928 in Louis, Missouri, USA, and named Marguerite Annie Johnson, ‘Maya’ as she was affectionately named by her brother (it meant ‘My’ to him, as in ‘Mya sister’). Subsequently, she later decided that she preferred the latter. ‘Maya’ came from humble beginnings in a racially segregated USA, yet went on to become one of the most influential female writer’s and black voices in modern literature and history. Here are just some of the things that in our eyes, make her such an inspirational female artist.
26 October, 2020