Fairtrade, Cotton + The Fashion Industry | One Wear Freedom

Fairtrade, Cotton + The Fashion Industry

When you hear Fairtrade you probably think of an expensive chocolate bar or some bananas, but did you know that there’s a whole fortnight dedicated to celebrating and advocating for Fairtrade?
21 February, 2022
International Human Solidarity Day | One Wear Freedom

International Human Solidarity Day

On Monday it is International Human Solidarity Day. The UN defines International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD) as a day that celebrates human unity and diversity, whilst acting as a reminder for governments to stick to their pledges and raise awareness for the ‘Sustainable Agenda’.
17 December, 2021
Modern Slavery and The Fashion Industry | One Wear Freedom

Modern Slavery and The Fashion Industry

When people think about slavery, they might think about horrific events and systems of power that took place in the past, which eventually were abolished. However, that is not really the case. Slavery is still alive and well today – you might’ve heard the term ‘modern-day slavery’ mentioned in the news or around social media. In fact,there are more people today trapped in slavery than ever before
02 December, 2021
These Jeans Were Made for Talking | One Wear Freedom

These Jeans Were Made for Talking

Tomorrow, Wednesday 28th is Denim Day: an annual campaign running for the past 22 years in honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This may be triggering and upsetting for some, if not most. If you would rather skip this one and wait for next week’s blog on cultures of sharing, please know you are not alone before you go. 

27 April, 2021
Intro to Ecofeminism | One Wear Freedom

Intro to Ecofeminism

Without gender-equality and racial justice, there is no environmental justice. Ecofeminism was born from an awareness that a holistic solution to all must be created and globally adopted. In broad terms, this movement brings together (you guessed it), environmentalism and feminism in both political activism and intellectual critique. 
12 April, 2021
OWF's Inspiring Women of March | One Wear Freedom

OWF's Inspiring Women of March

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we Chose to Challenge: challenge gender stereotypes, misogyny, sexism and violence, amongst many other inequalities. It was a chance to champion the achievements of women and it felt like a truly empowering day. It arrived in the heartbreaking wake of the search for Sarah Everard which has sparked a global conversation over the ingrained fear shared by all women as we are taught from a young age to be “prepared” for that which stole Sarah from her family and friends.

29 March, 2021
Racism in the Fashion Industry | One Wear Freedom

Racism in the Fashion Industry

This year has been a powerful year and one that we will never forget for so many reasons. It was the year where we learned lots of different things, from crocheting and baking to really getting to know ourselves a lot better. But 2020 has been a steep learning curve for white people especially. Since the murder of George Floyd by white police officers back in May, white people are finally realising the extent to which racism is intrinsically entwined into the everyday lives of people of colour.
05 December, 2020
Boss Babes | One Wear Freedom

Boss Babes

Here at One Wear Freedom we are always celebrating women and this week is no different. To commemorate Entrepreneur’s Day, we are celebrating some amazing (past and present) women in business! These women paved the way for us – literally us! We are a female founded brand and we owe these women so much for daring to dream in a white man’s world.
20 November, 2020
A Phenomenal Woman – Celebrating The Legacy of Maya Angelou | One Wear Freedom

A Phenomenal Woman – Celebrating The Legacy of Maya Angelou

Born on the 4th April 1928 in Louis, Missouri, USA, and named Marguerite Annie Johnson, ‘Maya’ as she was affectionately named by her brother (it meant ‘My’ to him, as in ‘Mya sister’). Subsequently, she later decided that she preferred the latter. ‘Maya’ came from humble beginnings in a racially segregated USA, yet went on to become one of the most influential female writer’s and black voices in modern literature and history. Here are just some of the things that in our eyes, make her such an inspirational female artist.
26 October, 2020