by Deborah Anderson

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re celebrating all things pink. First of all, it is simply a GREAT colour and secondly, it is associated with so many wonderful things! A pink triangle is one of the symbols of the gay rights movement and the colour’s links with women and femininity has steadily continued since the 1940s – the reason why it is used by all major breast cancer charities!

No other colour has had as much of a journey as this one. In the 19th century, pink was thought to be a masculine colour, often worn by boys, while girls wore blue – the opposite to what every gender reveal says nowadays. In recent years though, we have seen men and boys embrace all shades of pink, as it loses its harmful “girly” or “weak” connotations. Thank god for feminism eh?! We are now redefining what the colour means and totally owning it. It has had so much of a makeover that there’s a new shade in town called ‘political pink’. In the past few weeks, celebrities have been wearing this vibrant fuchsia tone to encourage people to vote in the upcoming US election. Faces such as America Ferrera, Amy Schumer and Kerry Washington have dolled up in this hue to spread the word to get involved in politics. Yes, ladies!

 As well as being beautiful and the new colour of activism, the colour has produced some iconic looks, some that would be perfect for an amazing last-minute Halloween costume!

Elle Woods – Where to start! She serves up pink perfection throughout the entirety of Legally Blonde and continually challenges society’s belief that pink equals dumb when she gets into Harvard Law School – (“what, like it’s hard?”) Picking just one outfit IS hard but the 70s inspired dress she wears in court is the front-runner in my eyes. She manages to not only be a boss-ass lawyer and look fabulous but she obliterates some toxic stereotypes while she’s at it. Easy peasy!

Janelle Monáe – There was one aspect of Janelle Monáe’s PYNK video that got everybody talking in 2018. It was the pink labia trousers worn by her and her dancers of course! Okay, so it may not exactly be the kind of outfit you’d pop to the shops in, but we love them because they are unashamedly female AND they are pink! Although her song celebrates female sexuality, she doesn’t isolate men. Janelle said of the song, “PYNK is the colour that unites us all, for pink is the colour found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere”.

Villanelle – When Killing Eve first arrived on our screens, we were introduced to sociopath assassin, Villanelle. Our first thought was “how can someone be so cold-blooded?!” Our second thought was “where on earth can I get her wardrobe?!” A stand-out moment was the gorgeous tulle pink dress she wears, designed by Molly Goddard. She perfectly captures the sweet-spot of fashion that we all dream of – the I-just-threw-this-on-while-looking-effortlessly-sophisticated look!

Lil Nas X – Both Barbie and Ken would be insanely proud of Lil Nas X. He slayed in a studded, leather hot pink Versace co-ord, topped off with a matching cowboy hat at the Grammys back in January. When faced with homophobic comments about his outfit, he responded with a nonchalant “damn, I look good in that pic on god”. Erm, yes you do Lil Nas! This absolute LOOK will never not be iconic, even in a crazy parallel universe where people hate pink.

Andie Walsh – Teenager Andie’s trademark in the 80s classic Pretty In Pink is, you guessed it, pink! She wears pink throughout the film but the memorable look here is her prom dress. She doesn’t have enough money to buy a new dress so she cuts up bits of her existing wardrobe to create her own - (we love a sustainable gal)! Okay, so I’m not saying that the outcome is great but that’s the beauty of it – she doesn’t care what her classmates or us think! She loves her dress and that’s all that matters. Her confidence to go to prom alone, wearing a weird pink dress, makes this dress look amazing anyway!

One Wear Freedom – How could we not include ourselves? We have got the most gorgeous vintage skirt suit in baby pink that you can get your hands on! It’s perfect for that important meeting, interview or if you just feel like dressing like a boss. The 80s shoulder pads will make you feel even more powerful than you already do! Don’t believe us? Rent it here.

Now onto the more serious part. As we’ve said, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and that’s exactly what we want to do – raise awareness. In the UK, women don’t get offered breast screening until the age of 50 so it’s really important, as young women, to keep on top of our boob health! Regularly checking your boobs (at least once a month) can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Not only will it allow you to get a feel for what is normal for you, but if you do notice any changes, you’ll be able to get it checked out in the earliest of stages.

Things to remember:

  1. It’s not just about lumps – When we think of breast cancer, we usually think of lumps that we will notice straight away but it’s not always as obvious as that. Here are the things to look and feel for:
  • Feel for new lumps and bumps – some boobs are naturally lumpy and that’s okay! That’s why getting to know your boobs is vital so that you can feel any changes.
  • Feel for any constant pain – boobs can become tender near your period but any pain you feel in the boob or armpit that is there all the time should be checked out.
  • Look for any sudden changes in breast shape or size
  • Look for any changes in skin texture such as dimpling or puckering – this might resemble an orange peel
  • Look for any swelling around the boob, armpit or collarbone
  • Look for any discharge comes out of the nipple without squeezing it
  • Look for any changes to your nipple shape or direction, including inversion
  • Look for any rashes or crusting around the nipple area
  1. Breast cancer doesn’t just affect people with breasts. Although it is rarer, it is possible for people assigned male at birth to get breast cancer so tell all your friends to keep an eye out!
  2. All boobs are different! That’s why we love them! What is normal for your friend may be cause for concern for you and vice versa. If you feel worried about changes in your breasts, of course, tell your friends – they can be a great support system and can help alleviate your mental health issues. However, please don’t take their boob experiences as gospel – get a second opinion from your GP! Don’t let Covid put you off from seeking medical advice! Most GPs are taking appointments again – you might even be able to have a preliminary consultation over the phone. As CoppaFeel’s saying goes “if in doubt, get checked out”. Their website has some great tips, videos and advice so check it out. Cancer is a real threat but in most cases, early detection saves lives. (This is also a good time to nag you about your cervical screening too – get it booked!)

We hope you’ve learned some things to look for when checking your boobs, as well as enjoyed looking back at our fave pink looks! If you’re feeling a bit pink yourself, we have some beaut rosy looks fit for a Princess Peach in our collection. To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re giving you 10% off your order! Use the code BCAP10 – just be sure to use it before the 5th Nov!


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