There are just 6 simple steps to renting the perfect outfit for any occasion!


 The Search Begins




^ Browse through the entire collection or per occasion to find the best outfit for that special day or night out! 

^ You can also use filters such as style, colour and size to pin point exactly what you're after!

^ Why not try "Get This Look" to rent our top choice outfits with all the accessories to match! 


Found It - Now Let's Get It!  



^ Select up to 4 items / outfits per order
^ Choose your desired rental period - 4 days, 9 days or 16 days (inclusive of delivery dates)
^ For anyone interested in longer rental periods - please contact us directly for further enquiry
^ Don't forget to add the Accidental Damage Waiver to your basket to cover you for any small damages* such as a ripped hem or lost button during your #freedomjourney!
^ Once you've successfully placed an order, the equivalent of $1 will be used to plant a tree somewhere in the world on your behalf - yay you! 
*For any irreparable damages or lost items, please see the FAQs for further information.


Teleportation (...I wish) 



^ Dispatched and Delivered straight to your door by DPD Next Day Delivery Service

^ Once you've received the One Wear Freedom box - your outfits should be good to go!

   Time to Slay (and save bees) 



^ Try on the outfits, pick your favourite option(s) and remove the security tag(s)!
^ You can then plant any removed security tags to produce stunning wildflowers and provide a little refuge spot on your balcony or windowsill for our dying bees!


 And When It's All Over...



Once the outfits have been put to good use and you're ready to send them back, just pop everything back into the reusable One Wear Freedom boxes, fill out the feedback and review cards telling us all about your fabulous #freedomjourney, replace the delivery information with the pre-paid postage slip in the display area, and head down to your local DPD drop off point to return all the goodies! 

And that's it - we all do all the work and there's no wash and no fuss for you!



 Some TLC + On To The Next...


Once we receive your returned One Wear Freedom boxes, we'll carry out a quick quality and damage check, and everything will be sent off to our eco-friendly dry cleaners and repairs partner 1StopWash to be prepped, cleaned and steamed ready for the next #freedomqueen!

And once you're all done - you just head straight back to Step One and start your #freedomjourney all over again! 


|| Unlimited Rental Membership Coming Soon ||