Who are we?

Hey! We’re ONE WEAR FREEDOM, the UK’s first 100% ECO-FRIENDLY fashion rental service for women + NB babes based in London! We believe that people are ever-evolving so it only makes sense that their styles can change too! By renting your clothing, you can keep expressing yourself without the negative environmental impact that comes with fast fashion. We’re a circular economy, meaning that we try to ELIMINATE WASTE by reusing, repairing, repurposing + eventually recycling, in our whole supply chain so you can look + feel amazing without the guilt! We aim to INSPIRE + EMPOWER people to experiment with their styles to find their own uniqueness, with the determination to RESTORE Mother Nature being at the core of everything we do!

Our story

“In 2019, after months of feeling completely lost + burnt out, I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery. I finally managed to figure out what my truest passions were: fashion, clothes + a deep desire to try + save our planet. As someone who always loved to dress up for any occasion (even to just go to the shops!), experiment with looks + never be seen in an outfit twice, I was desperate to find an eco-friendly way to do this - a way I could shop + dress up to my heart’s content without causing further harm to our already struggling + overworked planet + so One Wear Freedom was born!
- Jordache, One Wear Freedom Founder
Jordache with OWF box 

The problems with fast fashion:

  • The fashion industry emits an estimated 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year (The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.)
  • Toxic dyes used in manufacture + microplastic-releasing synthetic fibres are polluting rivers + water supplies, posing a threat to life.
  • Most clothing takes a lot of resources such as energy + water to produce - resources that we could end up running out of.
  • Due to the ‘disposable’ nature of fast fashion, a lorry-load of used clothing is incinerated or buried in landfill every single second.
  • Social injustice - fast fashion brands are notorious for under-paying + overworking garment workers, 80% of who (globally) are black + brown women.

        Why rent with OWF?

        Break up with fast fashion + join the Rental Revolution! You’ll never get bored of your clothes, you could save ££s as well as loads of space in your wardrobe AND the best part? You don’t have to do any washing - we do it for you with our eco partners OxWash!


        Rent the clothes + OWN the look! Find out how H E R E  or  C O N T A C T  U S  to ask us any questions!
        Peace and Prosperity,
        One Wear Freedom x